Recordings of Our Services


Audio recordings of our services are made with basic equipment and are primarily intended for our congregation who either could not attend or would like to listen to the service again.
We do welcome anyone to listen to our services but please understand we are limited by our equipment and budget.

Whilst we would never copyright our services as we believe in freely sharing the love and redemption of God, some of the hymns and other materials are covered by our CCLI publication licence.


Sunday Services:

Rev Linda Bishop:

August 2020

Wisdom Stories:
August 6th

July 2020

Wisdom Stories:
July 29th
July 21st
July 11th

June 2020
In General:
June 18th
June 17th
June 7th

Wisdom Stories:
June 2nd

May 2020
In General:
May 28th
May 15th
May 2nd

Wisdom Stories:
May 28th
May 11th
May 5th
May 1st


April 2020
In General:

April 16th
April 7th
April 4th

Wisdom Stories:
April 29th
April 28th
April 25th
April 24th

Four day Bible Study:
April 21st
April 20th
April 18th
April 17th

New Song Feast Your Faith:
April 1st


March 2020
Wednesday Morning Prayer's:

March 25th

Bread of Angels by Tessa Afshar:

Superintendent David Easton:

Rev Mark Coles: