Offertory information

For those who wish to offer money for our work within the church and within our  community, could you please hold onto your donations and we will collect them once services resume within the church.

For those who use envelopes to allow us to claim tax relief on your donations, you may notice that the current batch of envelopes will soon finish. We do have new envelopes but to to reduce the risks of spreading this virus, we will not distribute them until after our services resume within the church. Please just hold onto your donations for now.

Covid-19 Update


It is with sadness that, with the latest advice from both the government and the Methodist Church of GB, we have decided to suspend all worship events, clubs and activities that occur within our church walls from today, except for Butterflies nursery.

Except for Butterflies nursery, no one will be permitted access to our church buildings.

Our Church isn’t a building made from bricks. Our church is made from our faith and love that we have for our God, Our minister and for each other and so during this time we will continue to worship by audio recording on our website and via a facebook page Linda has setup to today called

Linda and the circuit will be publishing additional resources to help us “virtually” worship together. Until then we encourage us all to regularly keep in contact with each other using the phone, skype, whats app, facebook the list goes on. The important thing is that we continue to support each other, and stay in contact with those who don’t have a computer. Help share the news of what you read here.

A reminder that our audio recorded services can be accessed here:

Additional information can be found at the Methodist Church of GB website site here:…

If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to phone any of the stewards or post your question below or on our facebook site.